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Company Overview

A proud Korean basic industries company, a global company- it is Young Poong Co., Ltd.

Young Poong Co., Ltd.

An optimized production system with constant quality control and machine operation.

A proud Korean basic industries company,
a global company
- it is Young Poong Co., Ltd.

Established in 1949 as a corporate, Young Poong first exported zinc ore in 1960. Knowing the domestic industry situation where the zinc bar was solely dependent on the imports, Young Poong built a zinc smelter in Seokpo-myeon, in the Bonghwa county of North Gyeongsang province in order to break away from dependency on the imports. This became the first step for Young Poong towards the non-ferrous metal smelter business.

Establishment of Korea Zinc Co., Ltd., a sister company in Onsan, Gyeongnam Province in 1974, completed the Onsan a zinc smelter, giving us the chance to lead the supply of domestic zinc market. In 1988, it registered in London Metal Exchange, and was recognized for its excellence and quality of the zinc bars in the global market.

Through continuous investment, we have expanded the facilities of the Seokpo smelter and improved the process. In particular, the introduction of state-of-the-art electrolytic automation equipment through facility improvement and expansion work, which started in June 1999, enhanced productivity. It gave us the capacity to produce 400,000 tons of high quality zinc bar, 728,000 tons of sulfuric acid, 1,830 tons of copper sulfate, 3,000 tons of electro-conductive copper cathode, 100 tons of indium and 46,000 tons of silver by-product.

Young Poong will continue to focus on becoming the best company in the 21st century by continuously developing quality control and optimization system.

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